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“A Matter of Balance” Graduates Celebrated

Many older adults experience a fear of falling. People who develop this fear often limit their activities, which can result in physical weakness, making the risk of falling even greater. To address this concern, Fairfield Memorial Hospital recently held an A Matter of Balance Program that helped area residents reduce their fear of falling and increase activity levels. 

Barbara Mann, program graduate, stated, “I really like the class a lot and it wasn’t that I was afraid I would fall off a ladder because of my balance, but I knew my balance was lacking in areas and knew I could use improvement. I never knew how important your balance really is and how much I would benefit from this class. It was well worth it.”

“It is a pleasure to work with all of these wonderful individuals that enter in our Matter of Balance Program here at Fairfield Memorial Hospital to learn more about the prevention of falls.  The progress these individuals make is always a gratifying accomplishment to the program.” stated Jennifer Bowers, PTA, Director of Therapy Services.

For more information on A Matter of Balance Program or to sign up for the classes to be held in November and February, please call (618) 847-8256 for more information.

Pictured are graduates from the September 2019 Class along with one of the instructors:

Front row: Jennifer Bowers, Elmer McDuffee, Lorraine Pottorff

Middle row:  Christine Ashley, Audrey Catron, Susan Brake, Rosemary Skaggs

Back row: Barbara Mann, Merry Cathey, Becky Hildebrand, Connie Kunce

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