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Digital Mammography

Fairfield Memorial Hospital 3-Digital Mammography is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). The accreditation signifies that Fairfield Memorial Hospital has met and continues to meet the stringent nationally accepted standards for mammography. The digital mammography system is operated by the Fairfield Memorial Hospital technologists who are board certified in mammography. These hospital staff members include Rhonda Grinols, RT(R)(M)(CT), Melinda Bunting, RT(R)(M)(RDMS)(RDCS), and Melanie Perkins, RT (R)(M)(CT)(RDMS).
Breast self examination is still one of the most important tools for early detection; however regularly scheduled mammograms are highly recommended and can detect a lesion long before it can be felt. The digital mammography system and the iCAD system will virtually allow no lesion to go undetected!
Is 3-Digital Mammography Better?
This innovative system allows screening, diagnosis and biopsy to be performed on a single unit. It also lowers patient radiation dose and increases image quality, especially those women with dense breast tissue. The new digital mammography system will help provide women with the best possible mammogram, reduced exam time, while also reducing (not eliminating) the discomfort often associated with mammography.

After the study is complete, it will be analyzed by a SecondLook® 3-Digital Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) technology from iCAD, Inc. Variances in the tissue will be tagged by the iCAD machine alerting the Radiologist that there may be a problem in that area. It’s like having two readings of the mammogram.






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