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Fairfield Memorial Hospital Chief Quality Officer, Luke McDaniel, Showcased at the State Capitol a Quality Improvement Initiative That Advances Care and Reduces Costs

4th Annual IHA Quality Advocacy Showcase Highlights Hospital Efforts Statewide

Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s initiative to “Improving Patient outcomes after Surgical Recovery” was on display in the State Capitol on April 3rd as part of the Illinois Health and Hospital Association’s (IHA) Quality Advocacy Showcase. Fairfield Memorial Hospital Chief Quality Officer, Luke McDaniel, met with legislators to share how the initiative has benefited patients, families and communities while reducing healthcare costs.

Fairfield Memorial Hospital was among over 100 hospital and health system leaders from across Illinois who met with legislators about their efforts to improve patient care and safety. In sum, 90 hospitals and health systems showcased their improvement projects at the event.

“I was given a great opportunity to speak with our state representatives who were both very receptive to the great projects going on at FMH. Our organization is looking forward to working with them as we continue to offer high quality care.” stated Luke McDaniel, FMH Chief Quality Officer.

McDaniel met with State Representative Darren Bailey and State Senator Dale Righter during the event.

With a focus on Improving Patient outcomes after Surgical Recovery, Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s project implemented enhanced recovery after surgery protocols that resulted in: multidisciplinary approach to post-op care, medications to reduce likelihood of ileus (an intestinal obstruction), reduction in narcotics prescribed, reduced length of stay (2 days average per patient) and Multidisciplinary patient education.

The hospital invested $1,900 in staff time and saw a cost savings of $143,000 in patient stays. For the patients, families and communities, Fairfield Memorial Hospital serves, the project:

  • Reduces length of stay
  • Improves patient outcomes
  • Reduces recovery time

IHA’s Quality Advocacy Showcase, in its fourth year, visually demonstrates the work of physicians, nurses, quality improvement leaders and hospital administrators to develop and implement solutions to improve care. IHA produced one 30-by-42-inch poster per hospital or health system project for the event.

“The Showcase gives hospital leaders and frontline staff an important opportunity to share their efforts to advance quality care,” said IHA President and CEO A.J. Wilhelmi. “It’s essential that policymakers and elected officials see how Illinois hospitals are doing more to serve their patients and communities—through innovation and practical strategies that improve outcomes.”

“Fairfield Memorial Hospital strives to provide the best possible care for our patients by identifying potential risks and re-designing processes. We appreciate the opportunity the Illinois Hospital Association provided to healthcare organizations throughout the State to be able to showcase to State leaders all of the hard work that healthcare organizations are putting into improving patient outcomes.” stated Kathy Bunting-Williams Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer. 

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