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Fairfield Memorial Hospital Observes National Skilled Nursing Care Week, May 12th-May 18th

Fairfield Memorial Hospital is blessed to have its US World News Best Nursing Homes 5 Star Rated Skilled Care Unit as part of our continuum of care for our patients. Residents on the Skilled Care Unit are able to access all of the services patients can receive in the hospital but in a more home-like environment. Some of our residents on Skilled Care Unit stay with us for a short time while they finish recovering from an illness or a recent injury/surgery that required extended care. Some of our residents have made the Skilled Care Unit their home. And some of our Skilled Care Unit residents come to stay with us during their final days in an environment that allows for their loved ones to be with them without the additional burden of trying to handle the medical needs of their loved one.

These residents never cease to make us laugh and make us smile and sometimes cry. The residents and their loved ones become a part of our family and we are blessed that they have put their faith and their families' care in our hands.

This week FMH SCU Activities Director Tania Crawford and FMH SCU Director Mariah Minor RN BSN have come up with a variety of activities each day to help celebrate National Skilled Nursing Care Week with our residents. To see pictures from the daily events be sure to visit the Fairfield Memorial Hospital Facebook page at

To learn more about the services that Fairfield Memorial Hospital provides on our Skilled Care Unit, call 618-847-8335.


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