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Fairfield Memorial Hospital Skilled Care Unit Named Among “America’s Best Nursing Homes” by

Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s Skilled Care Unit has been named among the “America’s Best Nursing Homes” by Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s Skilled Care Unit has been named to the 2017-18 Best Nursing Homes list for the sixth time with an overall 5 star rating for nearly a decade now.
The 5-Star rankings are built on data from Nursing Home Compare, a consumer website run by the Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS sets and enforces standards for all nursing homes enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid. (For government purposes, a nursing home is defined as a Medicare or Medicaid facility that provides 24-hour nursing care and other medical services.) The data for Nursing Home Compare come from regular health inspections carried out by State agencies and from the homes themselves. Based on that information, CMS assigns an overall rating of one to five stars to all nursing homes. Homes are also given one to five stars in how well they do in the health inspections, in providing enough nurses, and providing a high level of quality of care. 
“The honor of being named on the list of America’s Best Nursing Homes is a testament to the continued quality of care our team of professionals on the Skilled Care Unit provides residents. This recognition is a result of the compassionate care that is provided to the patients and residents. The Skilled Care Unit team is a solid group of professionals who not only care about their patients, but also have a passion to serve others,” stated Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer, Katherine Bunting-Williams, Ph.D., LNHA.
The Skilled Care Unit at Fairfield Memorial Hospital provides short-term skilled care nursing and services to those who require medical care, nursing care, and/or rehabilitation services. Under the direction of the patient’s physician, the FMH Skilled Care Unit provides: 24-hour pharmacy services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, respiratory therapy, skilled nursing services, medication, blood transfusion, wound care, discharge planning, and daily activities.  Skilled Care is available to all Medicare, private pay, and private insured patients. 
These annual rankings that have placed Fairfield Memorial Hospital on the 5-Star list for many years are determined through data collected from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The federal agency assigns each nursing center certified by the government a rating of one to five stars through its Five-Star Rating System. For more information on how the rankings are determined, please visit:
Skilled Care Unit Director, Mariah Minor, RN, reflects on receiving the honor, “The concern and love that my team has for our residents is reflected in this honor. We all are extremely connected with our residents and their families.  We really feel they are part of our family.  The care team sincerely adores the residents they care for and feel a deep rooted love for their work.  The Skilled Care Unit is equipped with multitalented team members who deliver care in a friendly home atmosphere and who have critical nursing skills to ensure the most advanced care is delivered. I believe each team member’s passion has raised the standard of care and that is why we have been recognized.  We continually improve the unit through the support and direction of our Administrative Team and Board of Directors.”
Pictured are the employees who serve on Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s Skilled Care Unit with their award for being named among the country’s “America’s Best Nursing Homes” by 

Front Row: Brooke Robertson, CNA; Leslie Wilson, RN; Lucina Eastep, CNA; Sarah Grubb, CNA; Kari Zurliene, PTA; April Best, CCC-SLP; and Savanna Ridenour, COTA. 

Back Row: Sondra Harrawood, CNA;  Rhonda Hart; Julie Rodgers, RN; Gina Lemond, RN; Keshia Nichols, RN; Shelia Loyd, RN; Mariah Minor, RN; Kim Briggs, RN; Jessica Johnson, CNA; Erin Phillips, RN; Kelli Locey, PTA; and Jane Bailey, RN, BSN.
Not available for photo: Kathleen Cropper; Sharon Box, CNA; Shari Winter, BSW; Ashley Carson, LCSW; Trina Troyer, CNA; Colee Johnson, CNA; Chris Bonneville, CNA; Girlie Moats, CNA; Shae Barrett, CNA; Kathie Hill, LCSW; Mavis Tate, OT; Bonnie Catton; Belinda Moore, RN; Tracy Smith, RN; Lucas Holmes, RN; Jade McCulley, CNA; and Carrie Reeves, CNA.
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