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Frontier Community College and Fairfield Memorial Hospital sponsored a “Run for your life 5K,” this past weekend involving nearly 100 participants in the event. The race began at Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s Medical Arts Complex with the course leading to Frontier Community College and then back to the FMH Medical Arts Complex.  The results and times of the participants: (Click Here for Age Group Results & Click Here for Overall Results)

The Free Student Health Class and Fun Run was also a success with 22 students from kindergarten to fifth grade in attendance.  Whitney Buckles, Registered Dietitian with FMH, Mary McCulley, RN, FMH Diabetes Educator, and Marti Garner, Tobacco Educator with the Wayne County Health Department, taught the children about healthy lifestyle choices.  Following the class the students ran a 1/2 mile run where they were awarded a “Super Star” medal for finishing the race.

(Pictured are the students with their medals after they finished the Fun Run.)

Katherine Bunting, Ph.D., FMH CEO, stated, “Fairfield Memorial Hospital is appreciative of the partnership with Frontier Community College in order to put on this event.  Our goal is to help those of all ages grow stronger and healthier. Our youngest participant this year was only 5 years of age and our most mature participant was 73 years of age.  We congratulate everyone on a job well done and we applaud those who participated in taking the proper steps in becoming healthier and more active.”

Tim Taylor, Ph.D., FCC President, “I want to congratulate the residents of Fairfield and surrounding communities for supporting this highly successful event. For years, Frontier Community College has worked with Fairfield Memorial Hospital on a number of successful endeavors.  This event is example of how our shared vision and concern for the general health of our community residents transcends institutional barriers and benefits all.  This is a win-win-win for everyone involved and we are proud to be associated with Fairfield Memorial Hospital on this event.

5K Walk:
The overall winners of the Male and Female 5K Walk were Randy Vaughan 34:45:90 and Sandy Longbons 35:37:30.

Pictured left to right are the Male Walkers: Randy Vaughan, first male overall, Justin Odom, 31-40 1st place, 44:38:85, Tim Taylor, 41-50 1st place, 40:35.80, and his son, Cody, 11-14 1st place, 42:23.90. Those unavailable for photo are Heith Wilson, 1st place 15-20, 53:22.20; Mike Lowery, 31-40 2nd place, 46:48.80; Mike Brown, 51-59 1st place, 49:55:75; Jay Fyie, 60 and over 1st place 40:01:85; and Leon Fenton, 60 and over 2nd place 43:00:80.

Walker Winners pictured left to right among the females were: Sandy Longbons, overall, Lisa Arview, 41-50 2nd place 37:54:90; Monaliza & Myla Hearle, 31-40 2nd place 48:08:05; Vickie Chaffee, 51-59 1st place 42:00:45; Kristina Odom, 31-40 1st place 44:39:25, Amy Moore, 41-50 1st place 36:32:40.  Those unavailable for photo are Reilly Muniz 15-20 1st place 50:12:35; Nicole Fyie 21-30 1st place 40:01:55; Carly Youngblood 31-30 2nd place 46:49:20; Lois Dishman-Cooper, 51-59 2nd place 45:30:95, Anna Louise Baxter, 60 and over 1st place 45:53:75; and Debra Dawkins 61-69 2nd place 51:39:15.

5K Run:
The overall winners of the Male and Female 5K Run were Mark Ellerbeck 18:52:50 and Katie Merkel 23:00:45.

Run Winners pictured left to right among the males were: (front from left) TJ Smerdon 11-14 1st place 19:13:25; Rolando Gomez  15-20 1st place 21:01:25; Ryan Merkle 21-30 1st place 19:56:10; Scott Merkle 51-59 2nd place 37:13:35; Mark Ellerbeck 1st place overall; (standing from left) Thomas Walters 60 and over 2nd place 37:10:25; Timothy Chaffee 31-40 2nd place 24:08:40, Kevin Shreve 51-59 1st place 29:15:00; Ron Moore, 41-50 1st Place 19:09:40; Steve Hnetkovsky 41-50 2nd place 40:38:45.  Those unavailable for photo were Bryson Wiseman 11-14 2nd place 22:21:50; Ben Vining, 21-30 2nd place 23:20:10; Brett MaGuire 31-40 1st place 23:05:00; and Leslie Bryant 70 and over 1st place 29:25:75. 

Run Winners pictured left to right among the females were: (front from left) Alexia Gonzalez 10 and under 2nd place 35:11:75; Sami Matthews 11-14 1st place 35:10:95; Abby Xanders 10 and under 1st place 35:11:05.  (standing from left) Katie Merkel, 1st place Overall, Amelia Lingafelter, 21-30 2nd place 25:04:85; Leah Sample 21-30 1st place 24:58:35; Sara Kelsey, 41-50 2nd place 25:16:20, Michele Iverson 41-50 1st place 25:05:80.  Those unavailable for photo were Shae Dawkins, 31-40 1st place 23:12:80, and Emily Ferguson 31-40 2nd place 26:00:65.

Pictured are the overall winners, Sandy Longbons (Woman’s 5K Walk), Katie Merkel (Women’s 5K Run), Mark Ellerbeck (Men’s 5K Run), and Randy Vaughan (Men’s 5K Walk).


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