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FMH Auxiliary Annual Meeting Held - Donate $21,000 for 3 New Beds on 2nd Floor - Med/Surg

Members of the Fairfield Memorial Hospital Auxiliary recently attended their annual meeting, held in Medical Arts Complex Education Room # 1, adjoining Fairfield Memorial Hospital.  Charlotte St. Ledger, Coordinator of Volunteers conducted the meeting that opened with everyone reciting the Auxiliary Pledge and Prayer.

Treasurer, Pat Vaughan had a positive report, stating a very successful bakeless bake sale held this past year, and Kristi Hornung held a purse sale, donating the profits to the Auxiliary.  The Auxiliary made several large purchases this past year, a $2,800. training manikin to be used in clinical instruction, $21,000. for 3 hospital beds for the Med/Surg. floor, 2 wheelchairs and a few smaller purchases.

The Auxiliary has undertaken the project of funding the renovation of the Hospital Chapel.  Furniture has been ordered through Barbre Woodworks & stained glass is being ordered for a lighting project.  The Ministerial Alliance has also donated to this project.

Gift Shop Chairman, Pat Kenshalo reported that although sales were down in some areas this past year, it was still a good year.  Window reconstruction was done to the west wall, surveys were sent to hospital departments for imput on gift shop merchandise, and a table sale was held during the holidays.  She is looking at new company products, and is especially looking for products Made in the USA.

Scrapbook Co-Chairs Helen Wagner and Wandalee Triggs turned in their letter of retirement.  They are not sure how many years they have kept the history of the Auxiliary through the scrapbooks, and no one can remember anyone doing it before them.  The Auxiliary expressed their appreciation for the wonderful job they have done through the years.

Timekeeper Rosemary Warren reported that 46 volunteers completed 6,699 hours of hospital service, 20 volunteers worked 1,460 ½ hours at the Medical Arts Complex, and 7 quilters spent 742 hours hand quilting, for a total of 8,901 ½ hours.  She noted that we currently only have 25 desk workers, and we certainly need more.

Quilting Chairman, Wilma Myers reported that although their group is small they had a very productive year.  They hand quilted 3 full size quilts and 3 baby quilts for individuals wanting the hand stitched expertise of the Auxiliary Quilters.  They profited $1,270. through their efforts this past year.  They continue to quilt each Thursday, and are always looking for those interested in hand quilting to join their group.

Charlotte informed those in attendance that National Volunteer Week will be April 15-21, with the target date of April 16th for the Annual Recognition Dinner.  Letters will be sent confirming the date, location, and time.  She also informed everyone of the dates for Mandatory Volunteer Orientation, those being Monday, March 12th at 2:00 pm, and Thursday, March 22 at 2:00 pm.  The location will be the Medical Arts Complex Education Room # 1, and it is mandatory that all Volunteers attend one of those meetings.

On behalf of the Auxiliary, Charlotte presented Pat Vaughan an afghan as an expression of sympathy on the loss of Pat’s son Shannon Vaughan.

Prior to adjournment of the meeting Charlotte presented Helen Wagner and Wandalee Triggs with a retirement cake.  After adjournment everyone enjoyed refreshments, visiting, and looking through the Auxiliary scrapbooks.

Fairfield Memorial Hospital Chief Financial Officer Mike Brown and Medical Surgical/ICU Manager Cindy Meagher accepted a check of $21,000. from Hospital Auxiliary Treasurer Pat Vaughan.  The Hospital Auxiliary recently purchased three new hospital beds for second floor Med/Surg.


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