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Fairfield Memorial Hospital is always looking for ways to enhance and make patients feel more at ease when they visit the facility. Recently, the Fairfield Memorial Hospital Auxiliary volunteered to assist with the purchase of a brand new Stryker chair to be used to transport patients from Urgent Care to other departments as needed.

The Stryker Chair provides the highest standard of services and support for the patients at FMH when they need transported between services. What makes the Stryker Chair more appealing is the smooth ride and transference of patients around the facility.  The big wheel maneuverability helps to ease cornering and steering of patients weighing up to 500 pounds.

“The Stryker Chair is like the Cadillac of wheelchairs. This chair provides patients and staff with a lot more ease when transporting patients. This chair is a great asset to the Urgent Care in patient transportation. It’s a very easy ride and comfortable for patients.” noted Pat Kenshalo, FMH Auxiliary Volunteer.

“We are extremely appreciative of all the support our FMH Auxiliary provides our facility in so many ways.  The Stryker Chair is a wonderful benefit to our staff and patients. Thank you to the FMH Auxiliary for purchasing this wonderful piece of equipment for the health and safety of our patients and staff!” stated Katherine Bunting, Ph.D., FMH CEO.


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