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Fairfield Memorial Hospital recently helped Cisne High School and CHS Pride purchase heart rate monitors and IPads for their students to help improve the health of its students.

“We at Cisne High School are extremely excited to have received this generous monetary gift from Fairfield Memorial Hospital.  The money will be used to purchase 30 Heart Rate Monitors, two IPads, and additional straps so that every class will have the opportunity to wear the monitors daily,” stated Jan Thompson, Cisne High School Physical Education Teacher.

Heart rate monitors are a real addition to any successful Physical Education curriculum.  They help the teacher monitor healthy behaviors and to grade based off of each individual student’s efforts.  This gift also allows students and teachers to have more technology within the classroom.  Students will eventually be able to record and chart their own progress using the heart rate monitors.  This tool will help explain to the parents why their child is receiving the grade he/she is.   

Katherine Bunting, Ph.D., FMH CEO, stated, “We were pleased to help support the Cisne High School and CHS Pride organization purchase the heart rate monitors and IPads for the students.  This donation will help students gain a healthier outlook on their physical activity, which is something that is vital at an early age.”

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