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“Heart disease and cancer are now the most common causes of death in the United States,” stated Katherine Bunting, Ph.D., CEO, Fairfield Memorial Hospital. “Nearly 5 million people suffer from some form of heart disease alone, and without proper diagnosis and treatment, far too many will die.”

To battle these life-threatening diseases, Fairfield Memorial Hospital announces the installment of a state-of-the-art nuclear medicine imaging device called the Discovery NM630™, manufactured by GE Healthcare.  The Discovery NM630 was approved by the FDA last summer and Fairfield Memorial Hospital is only the second location within the United States to receive the system.

With this innovative system, doctors have the ability to detect, characterize and quantify cardiac disease in patients. The Discovery NM630 provides imaging of how blood is transferred between the heart and the rest of the body. To do this, the system employs a powerful camera that generates crystal-clear images displaying a person’s internal anatomy, including the smallest heart vessels.  Through advances in detector design and auto-body contouring, the Discovery NM630 produces images of outstanding resolution and exceptional quality.

Our Discovery NM630 includes the GE Healthcare Xeleris-3™ workstation to accelerate the entire imaging and review process in our hospital. With our Xeleris-3, high-quality images of a patient are available within minutes of the scan at Fairfield Memorial Hospital, reducing waiting time and follow-up visits. These precious seconds are important when diagnosing cardiac emergencies.

“We want to reach the next generation of accuracy with the unique capabilities of the Discovery NM630,” FMH CEO, Katherine Bunting, added. “This installment is in keeping with Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s growing reputation as a center for excellence in patient cardiac care.”

“As the nuclear medicine service provider for Fairfield Memorial Hospital, Numed, Inc. is proud to be a part of the introduction of the GE Discovery NM630 Nuclear Medicine System,” stated Jack Allen, V.P. Sales & Marketing, Numed, Inc.

The Discovery NM630 represents a gigantic leap in state-of-the-art nuclear medicine technology and quality patient care.  The Discovery NM630 operates faster and more efficiently than any of its predecessors while producing diagnostic images of superior quality and resolution. For instance, traditional imaging systems require 16-30 minutes to scan the heart; however, the Discovery scans a heart in under 10 minutes.  Whether detecting specific organ function, metastatic cancer, or heart disease, the Discovery NM630 provides the capability to perform such studies and provide information regarding a patient’s condition better than ever before.  

“Numed, Inc. has been a partner with Fairfield Memorial Hospital for over a decade and is dedicated to delivering quality and affordable healthcare to rural communities throughout the United States.  Smaller communities should never have to compromise the quality of their healthcare because of their size.  Fairfield Memorial Hospital understands this better than most and continues to demonstrate its leadership in providing the Fairfield community with many of the most advanced medical services and technologies available. 
As only the second installed site within the United States to offer the Discovery NM630, Fairfield Memorial Hospital clearly establishes itself as the premier provider of nuclear medicine services to the immediate surrounding area.  Numed, Inc. is thrilled to be a part of such a proactive and forward thinking community,” added Mr. Allen of Numed, Inc.

Pictured is Jackie Pierce, CNMT, with Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s new Nuclear Medicine Machine, the Discovery NM630, which is the second in the nation to be installed.

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