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Fairfield Memorial Hospital recently hosted a student for a Rural Health Experience, Rachel Miller. The Rural Health Experience (RHE) is a 3-5 day rural immersion experience for college students who are considering a career in medicine and is sponsored by the National Center for Rural Health Professions (NCRHP) and the Illinois Area Health Education Center (IL AHEC) Network. Rooted in observational learning, the RHE provides health professions students the opportunity to learn about the delivery of health care in a particular rural community through shadowing rotations and spending time in the community of interest.

Rachel graduated with a Master’s of Science in Medical Physiology from Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio. The Rural Health Experience provides a unique recruitment opportunity for advanced health care providers. Rachel chose Fairfield Memorial Hospital as her first choice out of 7 sites. Rachel was able to shadow Nicole Fyie, MD, during her visit to Fairfield Memorial Hospital. 

"My Rural Health Experience at Fairfield Memorial Hospital gave me not only a wonderful, holistic, and better understanding of rural healthcare and the various roles within a hospital, but also the opportunity to spend quality time with the amazing and compassionate people of FMH. I am truly grateful for my unforgettable time here and for each person who spent time teaching me about their work and their community." commented Rachel Miller

“Fairfield Memorial Hospital is honored to host this program every year and to meet with future physicians. The fact that we were Ms. Miller’s first choice is a testament to the quality of care and service that is provided at our hospital.” stated Katherine Bunting-Williams, Ph.D., FMH Chief Executive Officer.

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