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Fairfield Memorial Hospital has implemented a new safe patient handling program to help move and transfer patients.  It is a part of a “minimal lift” approach that put safety first.  The nursing and therapy staff will be using special kinds of equipment.  This equipment is made just for moving and transferring patients safely and comfortably. 

When a person is hospitalized, they may be weak and may not be able to walk or move about without help as they normally would.  Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s goal is to provide the safest care for their patients.  When moving a patient from the bed, chair or stretcher, staff will consider each patient’s special needs to decide which equipment will work best to keep the patient and the hospital caregivers as safe as possible. 

Equipment FMH will use
The healthcare team will use scientifically developed methods for determining the best equipment to use to make patient transfers and movement both safe and secure.

The EZ Way Smart Lift is a device that transfers patients to and from bed, commode, wheelchair, chair, and the floor.  It also has the ability to weigh a patient.

The EZ Matt is equipped with air technology that “floats” as mattress across surfaces.  The EZ Matt is best used for lateral transfers (patient is left on EZ matt throughout the facility for various procedures) and ease of movement for low friction.  It is radiology suitable meaning the patient can remain on the matt during diagnostic imaging tests as it has no metal parts on the mattress.  Moving a patient of any size can be done with only a two-person transfer, which reduces the need for additional personnel. 

The EZ Way Smart Lift and EZ Matt helps employees ensure safe patient handling practices.  The staff will prevent injuries or falls to the patient and will increase patient dignity and comfort.

Deb Splliman, RN, BSN, FMH Clinical Practice Coordinator, states, “By moving to a minimal lift environment of care, this new equipment can ensure greater comfort during a patient’s transfer versus manually lifting the patient.  It will reduce injuries such as skin shearing and falls. Improving patient care through the use of this new technology is one of the best and most important ways Fairfield Memorial Hospital can transition to a minimal lift environment of care.”

Picture is Lisa Smith, CNA, transferring coworker Amanda Miller, RN during the training with the new EZ Way Smart Lift.


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