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Fairfield Memorial Hospital is taking every precaution to reduce the spread of illnesses coming into our facility, but we understand that this is still a fear that many older adults and people with children have. In order to make sure our patients are receiving the help they need, Fairfield Memorial Hospital has temporarily added the option of telemedicine for our Horizon Healthcare medical and behavioral health patients.

Telemedicine will allow our patients to log in through their phone, iPad, laptop and any device they prefer that has Wi-Fi capabilities and a camera to communicate with video and sound. The type of appointments that can be handled via telemedicine include routine follow-up appointments, such as discussing lab or diagnostic results, medication refills, and so forth. Established Behavioral Health patients will also be able to take advantage of this service during this time of need. These connections have encryption and security features to help ensure patient confidentiality.

In order to access this service, our Horizon Healthcare staff are reaching out to patients with existing appointments to offer this as an option for their next appointment in case they are interested in utilizing this service. Patients will be able to connect to the Telehealth waiting room by typing into their website browser at their designated appointment time if patients choose to take advantage of this service. 

“While a face-to-face visit is the best way to see a provider, we wanted to be able to offer this option for those patients with transportation issues or who have serious underlying health conditions and just are not willing to take a risk by going out into public places. Health conditions do not go away just because we are in a national emergency situation and our concern is that these patients will neglect their current conditions out of fear of coming in contact with the COVID-19 virus, which as of today, we do not have any positive cases in Wayne County or the immediate surrounding counties. By offering telemedicine services, we can help to ensure that these patient’s current conditions do not go by the wayside and that their healthcare needs continue to be addressed.” states FMH CEO Katherine Bunting-Williams.

Our providers that are currently set up to use telemedicine services are: Family Practitioners Nicole Fyie, MD, and Marla Lafikes, MD; Family Nurse Practitioners Sherry Mewes and Courtney Robertson; Physician Assistants Kristen Harris and Russell Sztukowski; and Behavioral Therapists Jill Barnfield LCSW, Michaela Harrison LPC, and Jeff Wood LCSW. To schedule an appointment with your provider, patients can call Horizon Healthcare at 618-842-4617 and let the staff know whether you would like to be seen in person or via telemedicine, if their condition meets the criteria for telemedicine.


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