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Rural communities are wonderful places to live and work, which is why nearly one in five Americans call them home.  However, these communities also have unique healthcare needs.  Today more than ever, they must address accessibility issues, a limited number of healthcare providers, an aging population suffering from a greater number of chronic conditions and larger percentages of underserved citizens.  And rural hospitals – which are often the economic foundation of their communities as well as the primary providers of care – struggle daily to overcome declining reimbursement rates and disproportionate funding levels.

That is why National Organization of State Office of Rural Health (NOSORH), the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois Critical Access Hospital network will observe Rural Health Day on November 15th.  National Rural Health Day provides an opportunity to honor the selfless, community-minded, “can do” spirit that prevails in rural America.  It also provides an opportunity to bring to light the unique healthcare challenges that rural citizens face – and showcase the efforts of rural healthcare providers, including Critical Access Hospitals – to address those challenges. 

On a local level, Fairfield Memorial Hospital works to supports rural citizens through outreach programs such as Diabetes Education, Diabetes Support Group, Bariatric Support Group, smoking cessation, weight management, surgical services, oncology, and many more services.  In addition, they provide a stable primary care base through a solid group of family medicine providers who are a key pipeline to disease prevention.  The local providers and regular visiting specialists deliver the necessary care to ensure access to the best possible care in our local community.

Fairfield Memorial Hospital invites our rural community in recognizing National Rural Health Day and “Celebrating the Power of Rural” that will be taking place in every state throughout the nation this week.  Fairfield Memorial Hospital is celebrating National Rural Health Day by encouraging not only their staff, in taking steps to become healthier, but also inviting the community to join them on a road to wellness beginning on this day.

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