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Fairfield Memorial Hospital honors employees monthly for providing extraordinary patient care and customer services within and outside of the Hospital.

Selena Musgrave, who works as Billing Specialist in the FMH Business Office, has been selected as the November Employee of the Month. Selena has been with Fairfield Memorial Hospital since April 2017.

“Selena is the ultimate team player. Immediately after completing her duties, her first thought is how she can assist others in the department. She does so without being asked or prompted. She is excellent when working with patients regarding their bills or questions. She once received flowers from a patient after the assistance she provided with straightening out their insurance questions and the bill.” stated FMH Business Office Director, Kristin Boldt.

“Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s Business Office works hard to stay on task and up to date on billing and insurance changes with our patients. Selena greets everyone that she comes in contact with a quiet calm manner that instantly puts people at ease. She makes each person feel like a priority and is always there to offer assistance. We are so delighted to so have many hard working, caring individuals such as Selena, working at Fairfield Memorial Hospital.” stated FMH CEO, Katherine Bunting-Williams Ph.D.

Pictured is Kristin Boldt, Director of Business Office, presenting the plaque to Selena Musgrave.


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