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Each month, Fairfield Memorial Hospital honors an employee who has exemplified outstanding patient care and customer service internally and externally.  
In October, Kim Smith, who works as the Environmental Services Lead Technician, was named Employee of the Month. Kim is known to be an exceptionally hard working individual who is always friendly and working at full speed.   With her strong work ethic, as her fellow coworkers will attest, she does not shy away from tackling any assignment.  Even in the midst of difficult work, she goes about doing her job as usual with confidence and it is noticed.  Kim is loyal to her co-workers and is very caring of the feelings and opinions of others.  
“Kim is so kind hearted and holds genuine concern for our patients, residents, and this hospital.  I cannot say enough about how she contributes to the success of our department and how eager she is to always help out.  She steps up and takes on those extra shifts, always with a good attitude.  She is a wonderful leader within our department, and I’m very proud Kim received this honor for being a dedicated hard worker,” stated Keyna Warren, Director of Environmental Services.

Pictured is Keyna Warren FMH Director of Environmental Services presenting the October Employee of the Month plaque to Kim Smith, Environmental Services Lead Technician. 

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