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Each month, Fairfield Memorial Hospital honors an employee who has exemplified exceptional patient care and customer service internally and externally. 

In September, Amanda Phillips, RN, was named Employee of the Month as she often goes above and beyond in caring for her patients.  She not only takes care of the patient’s clinical needs, but looks at all of the patient’s needs including emotional and psychological needs.  She has been known to purchase Christmas presents for patients who are experiencing financial hardship, including gifts for the patient’s family and small children.  Amanda, most recently during her time off, assisted a patient by taking care of a large moving project in order to relieve a huge burden this patient had been carrying for some time.

“All of Amanda’s patients comment on her kind, caring attitude and the excellent care she gives.  She recently volunteered to mentor a new nurse to Home Health and is a wonderful asset to FMH.  She is very self-motivated and exceptionally conscientious with her nursing practice and is an admirable team player and employee,” stated, Susan McKnight, RN, COS-C, FMH Home Health Director.

Pictured is Amanda Phillips, RN, FMH Home Health Nurse being presented the FMH September Employee of the Month Plaque by Susan McKnight, RN, COS-C, FMH Home Health Director.



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