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Fairfield Memorial Hospital honors an employee each month who has been nominated by their peers for providing outstanding patient care and customer service to our patients and fellow staff members.

In September, Chelsea Bittles, a registered nurse at Horizon Healthcare, was nominated for Employee of the Month. Chelsea began working at Horizon Healthcare in 2011. Dr. Lafikes stated “that Chelsea completes a numerous amount of behind-the-scenes tasks that benefit the entire clinic and keep daily operations running smoothly.”

“Chelsea takes her work very seriously and strives for excellence. She sincerely cares about her patients and the work she completes. She goes above and beyond to manage the workload with her nursing team. I am very proud of Chelsea and appreciate all the hard work she has shown to this organization.” noted Hollie Barrett, RN, BSN Horizon Healthcare Practice Manager.

“Fairfield Memorial Hospital is blessed to have so many hard-working, caring individuals in our organization. Mrs. Bittles works hard to make sure our patients’ needs are met through our Horizon Healthcare Clinic. Mrs. Bittles and her family often volunteer to participate in the various community events and parades that Fairfield Memorial Hospital is involved with,” commented FMH CEO, Katherine Bunting-Williams.

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