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Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s Senior Life Solutions gave away a “Fountain of Youth Basket” at the Frontier Community College Senior Citizen’s Day Health Fair.  Freda Parrent was the lucky winner of the “Fountain of Youth Basket” that consisted of a many gift donated by local businesses.  The basket included the following: $20 Flat Iron Grill Gift Certificate, Manicure Gift Certificate from TT Nails, Popcorn & Movie Rental from Family Video, Anti-Redness Cream from Merle Norman, 10 Minute Hydro-Message from Bare Buns, Hair Products from J’ne McGehee at Jenny’s Cottage, $10 Five Brothers Gift Certificate, $10 Barb Wire Grill Certificate, Necklace, Body Butter, & Lotion from Serendipity, T-Shirt & Bracelet from Farmer’s Daughter, Devotional Book from Celebration Christian Store, Hand Lotion from Marlyn’s, $20 Jemini Gift Certificate, Pink Wallet from Simply Her, Lotion/Soap Set from Blaire Heisner, 2 Music CDs, Fountain, Pedometer and puzzle books from FMH Senior Life Solutions, Game from Uniquely Rustique, Retirement Plaque from Kincaids, Large 2-topping pizza from Classic Pizza and Pasta, Candles from Your Flower Shop, Brighton Purse Wallet from Carnaby Square, Mary Kay Perfume and Facial Certificate from Annetta Evans, Hair Products from Holli Belva at Attitudz, and  six Ice Cream/Smoothie Certificates from McDonald’s.  A special thank you goes to The Willow Tree for providing items for the Senior Life Solutions’ booth display at the FCC Senior Citizen’s Day Health Fair.

FMH Senior Life Solutions is a program which provides an atmosphere that is warm and receptive.  It is a confidential place where change occurs with the assistance of staff providing revitalizing group discussions.  These revitalizing group discussions explore life challenges and transitions leading to healthy ways to cope in the present and future.  There are three daily healing groups along with a nursing group in which education is provided about disease processes and mind/body connections.  Each client has the ability to teach and learn from others thus creating a bond.  Individuals who have graduated from the program attend a monthly alumni meeting where each client has the opportunity to share their experiences and triumphs. 

Pictured is Freda Parrent with the “Fountain of Youth Basket” she won at the Senior Life Solutions Booth at the recent Frontier Community College Senior Citizen’s Day event.

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