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Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s Senior Life Solution’s program was honored recently at the National Hospital Charitable Service Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  Jackson Healthcare presented Fairfield Memorial Hospital an award for being among the top 38 hospital program finalists.  At this conference, the top ten finalists were presented with $10,000 each and the 2011 Hospital Charitable Service Awards, a national program seeking best practices in reaching out to America's underserved in sustainable ways.   

An independent advisory board chose the 38 finalists from a pool of 197 nominees. Each nominee had to demonstrate excellence in at least one of five criteria areas: community impact, innovation, collaboration, transferability and/or best practice.  Finalists represent only those nominees that remain in consideration for the awards.

“It was an honor to be an award finalist as there were many deserving award recipients at the conference. As a small hospital, we work with few resources, and to be considered as part of the 38 finalists is a wonderful accomplishment,” stated Susie Devoy, RN, Director of Senior Life Solutions.

"Fairfield Memorial Hospital is excited to offer such a wonderful program that has now been recognized nationally.  We commend the great team who make this program so successful as they are touching and changing the lives of so many clients who have graduated from this program,” said, Dana Taylor, MSW, ACSW, Director of Organizational Development.

Jackson Healthcare of Atlanta, Georgia, established the Awards in 2010 to identify and cultivate a community of hospital programs around new standards for health and wellness in their communities.  The organization also founded and hosts an annual national conference focused exclusively on hospital charitable services - the only one of its kind in the U.S.

The awards program strives to share the stories of hospitals that regularly and uniquely surpass the fundamental mission of providing healthcare services, and generously give back to their communities in unique ways.

Charles R. Evans, FACHE, Chairman of the Awards program, says charitable services are the cornerstone of the American healthcare system. "The awards program's objective is to develop an initiative that will create a community of charitable hospitals - hospitals that want to do more, that want to encourage each other, that want to learn from each other and really establish best practices in terms of charitable service and service to the community."
Award recipients - designated as Programs of Excellence – were announced at a banquet after the national hospital charitable services conference and those programs will share in a $100,000 award fund.

About FMH Senior Life Solutions
Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s Senior Life Solutions is a confidential place where change occurs with the assistance of staff providing therapeutic interventions.  These interventions are explored during group discussions of life challenges and transitions leading to healthy ways to cope in the present and future.  There are three therapy groups a day along with a nursing group in which education is provided on medication management, disease processes and mind/body connections.  Each client has the ability to teach and learn from others thus creating a bond and essentially their own support group. The program treatment lasts for 6-12 weeks (2-4 days per week), and provides follow-up care after discharge. Individuals who have graduated from the program attend a monthly alumni meeting where each client has the opportunity to share their experiences and triumphs.  The program is unique for this region and serves the communities in Wayne, White, Edwards, Clay, Richland, and Jefferson counties.

About Jackson Healthcare
Jackson Healthcare is the fourth largest healthcare staffing company in the U.S. and serves more than three million patients in over one thousand healthcare facilities.  The company also provides technology solutions that enable total hospital efficiency. 

Jackson Healthcare has earned national media coverage by providing innovative solutions to healthcare problems, in addition to championing local, national and international charitable work.  It has been recognized as one of the Best Places to Work by the Atlanta Business Chronicle for five consecutive years. 

Pictured are team members of Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s Senior Life Solutions with the Jackson Healthcare Hospital Charitable Service Finalist Award: Susie Devoy, RN, Andrea Shupe, MSW, LCSW, Blair Heisner, RN, Lauren Griswold, MSW, and Stephanie Jenkins.


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