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U.S. News & World Report displays data about nearly every nursing facility in the United States, updating the information every quarter and using it to rate and rank the homes.  Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s Skilled Care Unit was the only nursing facility in Wayne County to be named on the 2012 Best Nursing Homes list with an overall 5 star rating.

“The honor of being named on the U.S. News & World Report list of Best Nursing Homes is a testament to the quality of care our team of professionals on the Skilled Care Unit provides residents. This rating placed us in the top 9% of nursing homes in Illinois,” stated Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer, Katherine Bunting, Ph.D., LNHA.

The U.S. News & World Report rankings are built on data from Nursing Home Compare, a consumer web site run by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS sets and enforces standards for all nursing homes enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid. (For government purposes, a nursing home is defined as a Medicare or Medicaid facility that provides 24-hour nursing care and other medical services.) The data for Nursing Home Compare come from regular health inspections carried out by state agencies and from the homes themselves. Based on that information, CMS assigns an overall rating of one to five stars to all nursing homes. Homes are also given one to five stars in how well they do in the health inspections, in providing enough nurses, and providing a high level of quality of care.

Here are more details about the CMS standards that determine a home's rating:

Health inspections. Because almost all nursing homes accept Medicare or Medicaid residents, they are regulated by the federal government as well as by the states in which they operate. State survey teams conduct health inspections on behalf of CMS about every 12 to 15 months.

Nurse staffing. Even first-rate nursing care falls short if there isn't enough of it because of too few nurses who can spend time with residents, so CMS determines average nursing time per patient per day. To receive five stars in the latest CMS ratings, nurses and aides had to provide slightly more than four hours of care a day to each resident.

Quality measures. CMS requires nursing homes to submit clinical data for the most recent three quarters detailing the status of each individual Medicare and Medicaid resident in 19 indicators.

“Fairfield Memorial Hospital staff work effectively and efficiently for the benefit of the patients and residents we care for.  Our Skilled Care Unit Director, Tonya Clymer, RN, leads a great team and behind every great leader is a solid group of professionals who not only care about their patients, but also have a passion for helping others,” stated Bunting.

Skilled Care Unit Director, Tonya Clymer, RN, reflects on receiving the honor, “Words cannot express the care and love that my team has for our residents. We all bond with residents like they are part of our family.  We love what we do and the residents we care for and I truly believe that this passion raises the standard of care and that is why we have been recognized today.  We are continually improving the unit thanks to the support and direction of our Administrative Team and Board of Directors.”

The Skilled Care Unit at Fairfield Memorial Hospital provides short-term skilled care nursing and services to those who require medical care, nursing care, and/or rehabilitation services. Under the direction of the patient’s physician, the FMH Skilled Care Unit can provide: physician services, 24 hour pharmacy services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, respiratory therapy, skilled nursing services, medication, blood transfusion, wound care, discharge planning, and daily activities.  Skilled Care is available to all Medicare, private pay, and private insured, geriatric patients.

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Pictured are the Skilled Care Unit Staff members with the Award from left to right.  Front Row: Kari Zurliene, PTA, Girlie Moats, CNA; Krystle Watson, CNA; Lucina Eastep, CNA; Kelsey Harris, COTA. Second Row: Janice Doan, BSW; Lisa Henson, RN, Care Plan Coordinator; Jennifer Weedman, CNA; Tonya Clymer, RN, Skilled Care Unit Director (holding the award); Sonya Bruens, CNA (holding the award); Amber Stark, CNA; Trina Troyer, CNA; Annetta Evans, Activities Director; Third Row: Diana Marsh, CNA; Brandi Anderson, CNA; Paige Wells, RN; Raven Smothers, CNA; Mona Rae Harris, RN; Erin Phillips, RN; Gina LeMond, RN; Sylvia Fletcher, CNA, Unit Secretary. Thos unavailable for the photo are Debbie Anderson, LPN; Jane Bailey, RN; Sherry Davis, CNA, and Cecilia Longbons, CNA.

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