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Functional Movement Screenings

Recommended for: Employers, Fitness Experts, Athletes and “Health Nuts”

What is your weakest link?
The FMS helps identify and eliminate your weakest link. FMS is a test performed by a Physical Therapist who takes you through a screening to assess your movement patterns. Scoring each motion identifies your weakest link; you will then know if you're compensating in a way that might be harmful to your body and result in future injury or pain.
What is a Functional Movement Screen?
An assessment used to indentify flaws in fundamental movement patterns. The FMS uses evidence to determine injury risk. Following the FMS, a report is generated that displays areas of weakness, asymmetry and an overall score. The therapist will provide a corrective exercise program based on these findings.
How do you benefit from a FMS?
  • Identifies physical imbalances/weaknesses
  • Provides patient with simple exercises to correct imbalances/weaknesses
  • Teaches the difference between movement quality/movement quantity
  • Teaches patient how to achieve better results with less effort
  • Identifies current injury risk
  • Explains how "primitive" movement can unlock physical restrictions
  • Quickly, effectively, and efficiently replaces poor movements with good movements
  • Establishes a personal benchmark for patient’s movement patterns
  • Provides patient with a clear direction/path to become more mobile
*Correcting movement patterns, asymmetries and balance deficits creates a more solid foundation to aid in improving physical performance whether for work, play, or performance/competition.
*Anyone regardless of age or skill level will benefit from improving strength and balance.
*NO Doctor Order Required
What will it cost?
  • $60 Initial Visit
  • $30 Retest after 6 weeks (if patient wishes to track progress made)



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