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Fairfield Memorial Hospital announced recently that Gayla Ewing of Housekeeping has been voted to be the Employee of the Year by her peers.  Gayla has been employed at FMH a total of over 5 years and currently works as a housekeeper at the new Medical Arts Complex. 

“Gayla is a very important part of the FMH healthcare team and is a very loyal and dependable team member. She continuously puts others’ needs before her own.  I have not only seen her assist fellow coworkers, but have had patients and visitors comment on the compassion she provides those who she comes in contact with.  Gayla is a testament to the type of care Fairfield Memorial Hospital wishes to recognize, as she always provides exceptional care to everyone she serves,” said Katherine Bunting, FMH CEO.

“I have lost loved ones at this hospital and have seen first-hand that the employees are the heart of this organization.  God only looks at the heart of a person, not the person’s appearance, and the hospital’s heart is the people who provide the great care to our community.  We need to keep the facility clean and remodeling is important, but without the compassion of the staff providing the care to patients and their families, there would be something missing,” stated Gayla Ewing.

Gayla added, “Each work day I start by cleaning Dr. Molt’s office.  In his office hangs a plaque that says, “When in doubt, look up.”  This serves as a great inspiration for me each morning as I read this passage, because I feel as though no matter how good anyone is at their job, they don’t always have all the answers.  Whether you are a doctor, administrator, or a housekeeper, we all need to seek God for guidance in our decisions.”

“I am very honored to be recognized by my fellow coworkers and thank God, above all, for the opportunity to serve him through my work,” stated Gayla.

Pictured is Gayla Ewing (left) being presented the Employee of the Year Plaque from Katherine Bunting, FMH CEO (right). 


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