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The most liberating thing that one can do for their health and well-being is to finally quit smoking.  To stop smoking would also mean an improvement in circulation, slowing the aging process and reducing stress for the patient.  This is why Horizon Healthcare, an affiliate of Fairfield Memorial Hospital, is so excited to announce the start of a Tobacco Cessation Program. Physician Assistant, Kayla Bell, PA-C, will be the healthcare provider leading the program through clinical appointments at Horizon Healthcare. This program is designed to enhance and complement the other tobacco cessation programs currently offered within the community, such as the Wayne County Health Department’s “Freedom from Smoking” Program.  Some clients will experience success with the guidance of a healthcare provider despite previous failed attempts.  PA Bell will supply each Tobacco Cessation Client with a medical assessment, medication management, free resource information, along with goal setting, and a health improvement plan. 

“Many smokers believe that smoking relaxes them; however, cigarettes work in the same way as any other drug.  Not having it causes anxiety or cravings, so when the drug is taken (i.e. nicotine), that feeling is relieved.  People are fooled because the nicotine has created the anxiety in the first place.  Some people call smoking a habit, but once again they are kidding themselves if they don’t recognize smoking as an addition.  I wish to help those who have struggled to quit by guiding them through a customized program to make this attempt to stop smoking a success,” stated Kayla Bell, PA-C, of Horizon Healthcare.

To learn more about the new Tobacco Cessation Program call Horizon Healthcare at 618-842-4617.


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