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Fairfield Memorial Hospital CEO, Katherine Bunting, has announced the addition of Jared Vaughn to the Hospital Board.  Vaughn fills the vacancy left by the retirement of Harlan Yates.

In talking about his new role on the FMH Board of Directors, Vaughn shared that he is excited about being part of a governing group who has proven to be revolutionary when making plans to better the community.

“With the resignation of Harlan Yates who was a pillar of the Hospital for 47 years, I am quite honored to be named to the Hospital Board of Directors.  I have some big shoes to fill, but I am definitely up for the challenge,” stated Vaughn.

Vaughn, a Fairfield native, is the owner and operator of Johnson & Vaughn Funeral Home in downtown Fairfield.  He has been a Funeral Director since 2004 and has owned and operated Johnson and Vaughn Funeral Home since he purchased the business from his Grandfather, Bob Johnson, in January 2008. Vaughn serves as a member of the Rotary and Volunteers for Progressive Fairfield.

“Fairfield Memorial Hospital is instrumental in making our community successful and I am looking forward to being part of planning its future,” added Vaughn.

Kathy Bunting FMH CEO, states, “I am very excited to see the addition of Jared Vaughn to our Board of Directors. The nominating committee felt it was important to bring in a young member of the community who has proven to be a successful business owner, and they felt Jared would bring great vision to our governing body.  Jared is a native of Fairfield and genuinely cares about the people of his home community, which is a quality that we look for in all of our board members.”

Pictured is the new Fairfield Memorial Hospital Board Member, Jared Vaughn, who fills the vacancy due to the retirement of Harlan Yates.

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