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Fairfield Memorial Hospital, is always pleased and thankful when people in the community want to take the time to help others in need.  FMH Therapy Department recently received a donation of $3,543.23 from donations collected by Jarrod and Jamie Jones and their two daughters Jenna and Josie Jones.  This donation went to fund the cost of equipment for children in the FMH Therapy Department.

Josie Jones, daughter of Jarrod and Jamie Jones, has required therapy since she was a baby, and especially after her Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) surgery. Josie’s condition requires that she continually receive Physical Therapy for her continued progress. During this time, the FMH Therapy Department has been able to meet this family’s needs for Physical Therapy with excellent results. As a way of saying thanks for all of the help that the Therapy Department has been able to provide to the Jones’ family, they decided to raise money to purchase a pediatric bike for the Therapy Department that would benefit Josie, as well as, other kids in the Therapy program at FMH.  Due to the overwhelming response that was given to this fundraiser, with the money that  was raised and with additional funds provided by Fairfield Memorial Hospital, the Therapy Department was able to purchase a Kidsfit Starwalker, Kidsfit Fully Recumbent Bike, and Kidsfit Kneel ‘N Spin.

“We were so surprised in the outcome and the people, groups and clubs that wanted to give.  Our goal was to get a bike, but we were able to do more! We have been truly blessed with what God has given us. The girls have been a blessing in our lives and have taught us what pure love and joy looks like. Our family, friends, church, hospital and community have done so much for our family and we try to do what we can to return the favor.” Stated Jamie Jones, mother of Jenna and Josie Jones.

Katherine Bunting, Ph.D., FMH CEO, stated, “It is unbelievable the thoughtfulness that came from this beautiful family. Our Therapy Department does their best to provide the best care for the individuals they see each and every day. This equipment will benefit so many young children that come through our department to receive wonderful treatment. We are truly blessed to have wonderful people in the community to have thought of us and have gone out of their way to provide us with such an amazing gift.”

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