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Precise images of the head, spine, abdomen, and extremities (ex: knees, shoulders, etc.) using a powerful magnetic field.
Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s MRI services are provided via mobile unit through Associate in Medical Imaging. The mobile service partnership with Associate in Medical Imaging gives Fairfield Memorial Hospital the ability to provide the community with the latest in imaging. The MRI mobile unit comes to Fairfield Memorial Hospital three days a week: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.
Fairfield Memorial Hospital has recently upgraded their MRI mobile unit. The new 1.5 General Electric with HDI has features including High Definition, eight-lead coils, and 15x software enhancement. Due to the high definition platform it allows the data to be obtained quickly, which reduces motion and gives better clarity.
The new system still performs the standard MRI procedures as before, but now has the capability of performing MRA tests (imaging with detail for the arteries) of the abdominal, renal, and lower extremities without IV contrast. Previously the old machine could perform these MRA tests, but only with IV contrast. Therefore, those patients who could not withstand the IV contrast had to travel to major medical centers in order to receive such testing. However, the new MRI is comparable to those in major medical centers, as it provides the majority of MRA images best when IV contrast is not used. Therefore, allowing more patients to have these tests done locally.
Pictured is Steve Smith, Associate in Medical Imaging Area Manager, with the MRI at Fairfield Memorial Hospital.
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