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Radiology Technologists Week

Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s Radiology Technologists transform patient experiences daily, not only by using the advanced applications of the newest equipment available at the Hospital, but also with the personalized care they give each and every patient they come in contact with. 

National Radiologic Technology Week is an annual event established by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists to celebrate the important role medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals play in patient care and health care safety. This weeklong celebration highlights the radiologic technology profession and raises public awareness about radiologic technologists.

Radiologic technologists are the medical professionals who perform diagnostic imaging examinations at Fairfield Memorial Hospital. They are educated in anatomy, patient positioning, examination techniques, equipment protocols, radiation safety, radiation protection and basic patient care.  Registered radiologic technologists — known as "R.T.s" — must complete at least two years of formal education in an accredited hospital-based program or a two- or four-year educational program at an academic institution and must pass a national certification examination. To remain registered, they must earn continuing education credits. 

“Doing a Diagnostic Imaging study is more complex than some may realize and keeping up with certifications is extremely important for our patients. At FMH we are blessed to have some of the most contentious set of Radiology Technologists, as a majority of this team has sought out or are seeking out additional education and certifications in order to better care for their patients. They have a love for learning and improving for their patients, which speaks loudly.  It is exciting to be surrounded by this team of professionals and extremely rewarding to lead such a capable group,” stated Devin Deisher, B.S., RT(R)(CT)(MR), Director of Diagnostic Imaging. 

Pictured are team members of the Diagnostic Imaging Department, Rhonda Grinols RT(R)(M)(CT), Melinda Bunting RT(R)(M), RMDS, RDCS; Courtney Powell RT(R)(CT); Robyn Adcock RT(R)(CT); Melanie Perkins RT(R)(M)(CT), RDMS; and Devin Deisher RT(R)(CT)(MR), Director of Diagnostic Imaging. Unavailable for the photo were Whitney French RT(R)(CT); Jessica Austin RT(R); Olivia Campbell RT(R); Erin Fields, Secretary; Dylan Mayes RT(R); Megan Slover RT(R); Whitney Leek RT(R); Courtney Cohoon RT(R); Elyssa Evans RT(R); and Garrett Rubsam RT(R).

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