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South East Illinois AHEC recently purchased a simulated blood pressure arm for educational instruction for the students participating in the Health Careers course.  The simulated blood pressure arm is a standalone unit that allow for hands on teaching of the technique needed to master the skill of taking a manual blood pressure.  The arm allows the student to practice proper placement of the blood pressure cuff, along with feel the radial pulse.  The system allows the instructor to vary the blood pressure and pulse readings giving students realistic practice as no two individuals have the same pressure.

“The ability to have hands on training with the simulated blood pressure arm will increase their skill level and their confidence before they come in contact with real patients,” stated Beth Wilson, RN, BSN, SANE, Director of South East Illinois AHEC and Health Careers Instructor.

“At South East Illinois AHEC, we strive to develop strong community partnerships with existing organizations and programs and through the purchase of this simulated blood pressure arm we are assisting a program which helping our community train future health professionals,” added Mrs. Wilson.  

The Health Careers course is a dual credit course offered through a partnership between, Frontier Community College, one of the Illinois Eastern Community Colleges (IECC), FMH, and local high schools.


Pictured is the Health Careers class with the new simulated blood pressure arm that was purchased for educational instruction by South East Illinois AHEC.

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