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Fairfield Memorial Hospital, is always pleased and thankful when kids in the community want to take the time to help other children in need.  FMH Emergency Room Department recently received a toy donation from two young boys from Geff Grade School, Kohen Kinsolving and Briar Best.

The students in Vanessa Anderson’s class at Geff Grade School participated in Genius Hour projects and each quarter this allows them to work on a community service based project of their choosing. Kohen and Briar wanted to find a way to donate toys to the ER at FMH. They did this by researching various ways of raising money, organizing a rummage sale, completing the rummage/bake sale, researching appropriate toys for young kids, and buying toys for the ER. Their moms, Erin Kinsolving and Brandy Best, helped the boys with running the rummage/bake sale and going to the store to make toy purchases.

Katherine Bunting, Ph.D., FMH CEO, stated, “It is unbelievable the thoughtfulness that came from these young boys. Our ER sees many young children and it is always difficult for children when they are sick or hurting.  These toys will help the children and ease their minds while in the ER.”

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